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Bar Method Review

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The Bar Method website has a very clean and energetic feel, with a female focus. It offers online and offline support for helping to improve your health, fitness and weight loss, allowing you to watch online videos, purchase DVDs or attend classes in your area.

In comparison to some sites, BarMethod.com can feel a little vacant. There aren’t hundreds of easily accessible videos, or workout schedules. You won’t find free diet information or recipes. Instead, the site mainly functions as a sales point for trying out its online or offline classes. This isn’t a problem, per se, but it’s easy to become a little underwhelmed.

So what is the Bar Method? According to the site, it’s a method of exercise which encourages you to work intensely on the muscles which play the “greatest role in body change”. The website lists 10 reasons why the system works, but doesn’t really go into any details as to what it is you’ll be doing. By the looks of it, the lessons involve bending and stretching using a bar for support. The exercises appear to focus on slow movements rather than intense training, helping to burn fat and tone muscle.

If you don’t live near one of the areas which runs live events, you’ll have to try the online system. The videos are well shot and explain the exercises simply. Watching full videos will require you to sign up for paid membership, which isn’t cheap. You can, however, try the bar method out for a limited period and pay a bit less, giving you an opportunity to find out whether it will work for you.

There’s an air of pseudo-philosophy surrounding the BarMethod, as the teachers talk about harmony and energy, sat in the lotus position. However it doesn’t seem to extend much further, and therefore seems a little superficial. Still, if their methods work then who are we to argue.

If you’re looking for free information on diet and fitness, you’ll need to continue your search elsewhere. Information seems something of a guarded secret on this website, available only to those who pay the subscription fee. We understand the need to protect their methods and videos, but they could give us a little more just to get the juices flowing. 

The Bar Method looks relatively fun and easy. There’s certainly a focus on exercise for women rather than men, and the fact that they run regular classes in the US might sway a few people to join in if a class is running near them. If you’re interested in pursuing TheBarMethod, we’d recommend taking a read of what’s on offer, looking at a few video samples and maybe trying the one day or one week trial before jumping in with the long term contracts.

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