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Sports Performance Bulletin Review

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Peak Performance Online has become the Sports Performance Bulletin. David Joyce is at the helm, providing regular newsletters and updates on progressions in sports science. You can register to receive news, check out exercise videos, download free exercise programs and more. However, whilst this all sounds promising, the site feels like it’s offering articles on sports, rather than great practical advice on getting fitter or losing weight. What's more, it's not clear what the advantages of its (relatively expensive) Premium Membership are.

Let’s face it, losing weight and getting fit depends on two things: what you eat and how much you exercise. PPonline.co.uk provides some really informative articles on important issues such as sports supplements and evidence based training, but this doesn’t quite filter into actual exercises. Subsequently, the site can sometimes feel more like a research project than a place for people who really want practical advice on how to work out.

That might be a little harsh. The site does offer videos of exercises, and free programs. The programs can be downloaded, but they aren’t as numerous or in-depth as we’ve seen elsewhere.

Videos can be uploaded by members, as well as the Sports Performance Bulletin team. This makes it a great place to share ideas and tips, but it does mean that you could end up watching some fairly amateur videos. Hopefully, these home videos are monitored to make sure they’re safe, but the site doesn’t really mention whether it checks the content.

It’s hard to get any sense of what the Premium Membership offers. You receive 2 copies of the printed newsletter, but otherwise the site doesn’t explain what you’ll receive as a paying member. This seems a massive flaw in the system, and we’d certainly not recommend paying hard earned cash to sign up for a service which doesn’t clearly describe its benefits.

There’s nothing to lose from signing up for the site’s newsletter, or checking out the free content. The more information you can get, the better. We also think that it’s worth spending a little time reading over some of the articles on the site, as they often take a more evidence-based look at exercise than you’ll find on most fitness sites.

As for the paid membership, we don’t really recommend trying it out until the team can properly detail what you receive for your money. Therefore, we feel that you can find superior free fitness sites elsewhere. Why not have a look at some of the higher ranking sites in our reviews of the best Fitness Websites out there.

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