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Muscle And Fitness Review

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The sheer amount of workout and fitness information on MuscleAndFitness.com makes it a great resource. Whether you’re looking for recipes, exercises, workout plans or just a bit of celebrity body gossip, you can find it all here. What’s more, it’s completely free! 

Well, let’s back track a little, because not everything is completely free. Workout plans, exercises, diet information, videos, and much more are provided without charge, but if you’re interested in receiving the printed magazine, any equipment or supplements, you need to pay. This is to be expected of course, and we’re just happy that so much is provided without charge and without even having to sign up.

Let’s talk briefly about the products that are available at a cost. A magazine subscription costs around $25 per year, which is a pretty great price considering you get 12 issues delivered to you. You might wonder why you’d bother to pay for the magazine when the website has so much to offer. Well, let us tell you! The first reason is probably just a matter of preference. A lot of people will prefer to hold a copy of the magazine, to leave it in the toilet or take it to the gym with them. 

Secondly, it’s a more selective publication, so you won’t need to wade through quite so many random articles and exercises to get to the best bits. Lastly, you receive a discount on products if you’re a subscriber. Discounts are usually the removal of the delivery costs, but you can also get further discounts on products. This can eventually add up, and if you think you’ll be buying supplements or equipment, the savings are certainly worth the subscription fees.

Moving on from the in-print magazine, what does the website have to offer? Well, plenty. We’d like to acknowledge, though, that MuscleAndFitness.com provides relatively little when it comes to tracking your progress, keeping food diaries, personalizing workouts and so on. Rather it is a useful resource to find set exercises which you can try out, and then repeat or ignore.

Many exercises and workout regimes come with instructional videos. These videos demonstrate how to perform a movement as well as often explaining the benefits. You might be surprised at just how many workouts there are, and they seem to cover a huge range of interests and goals. So, whether you want to lose weight, work on a particular muscle group, improve your strength or flexibility, or something else entirely, you’ll probably find a variety of things to try through this site.

Food and diet are important parts of any fitness program, and this site understands that. You can find plenty of recipes, many of which have been designed with a particular goal in mind. So, if you need to find high-protein foods for building muscle, you’ll easily find them here. Likewise, if you want low calorie foods to help you burn off a few pounds, that’s no problem.

Unfortunately you won’t receive much support on this site as there are no community features. Subsequently you might feel a little neglected or isolated. If you feel that you would benefit from a community of people who are working, like you, on their fitness, there are several other sites in this category that are worth considering. Muscle&Fitness does, however, offer a newsletter and a couple of groups to join, so you can stay up to date.

The free starter’s guide is downloadable from iTunes, and helps you out with starting your new healthier lifestyle. These include videos, details of each plan and more. They’re very useful if you’re on the go and want to take simple workout plans with you.

Overall, we think that Muscle & Fitness offers lots of great information for anyone wishing to work on improving their fitness. Whilst it doesn’t offer all the support we’d hope to see, if you have a decent level of self motivation, you could do a lot worse than checking out this site.

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