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Hitch Fit Review

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If you’re looking to transform your body, HitchFit might just be the site for you. They offer intensive, professionally-designed workout and diet programs to completely change your body. Whether you want to get toned, throw away pounds of additional weight, bulk up or prepare for a fitness competition, they’ve plenty of programs to choose from.

You’ll probably notice that the site is slanted towards helping to build a more muscular physique. This isn’t the case for all the workouts, but there is more of a dedication to body building than on some of the other fitness websites we’ve reviewed. If you want to bulk up or look good in a bikini, Hitch Fit could be a good place to do it.

Workouts look well designed, and the effects are pretty amazing. You can see before and after photos from members who have completely changed their body’s appearance. Clients are from almost 70 countries internationally, and the programs are all available online.

Aside from online workouts, there are a few additional services provided by HitchFit.com. If you are planning on building muscle, you’ll probably need some weights and other equipment. The site has a shop and links to various sources which can help with this. You can also purchase supplements if you feel these would help you reach your goals. 

But there’s an elephant in the room. An expensive elephant. That’s right, the Hitch Fit programs aren’t cheap. In fact they’re amongst the most expensive we’ve seen, with all the prices we’ve quoted being starting prices. Whilst these might not be expensive when compared with joining a gym, you don’t get the equipment included or the one on one support of a trainer, so we’re not convinced this really offers value for money. In fact, it’s really quite expensive. 

You’re not completely alone on your journey here. If you do sign up to a program, there are a team of HitchFit worker bees to help answer your questions. We’d like to see more of this kind of support, with personal trainers assigned to members, particularly considering that some of the programs are well over a thousand dollars.

If you have the money to spare and are really intent on changing your body with an intense program of working out, diet and (potentially) supplements, Hitch Fit does seem to get results. Otherwise, we think it’s quite expensive for what you’re getting, and that it lacks a few tools, as well as not providing a vast amount of information without first having to pay for the privilege.

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