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NetFit was developed by a team of athletes and provides fitness information for helping you to stay healthy. Whilst its range of videos is limited, a lot of its information is provided for free. There is also a relatively cheap membership option, which opens up more than 2000 exercises and over 100 eBooks.

There are a number of “How To” videos which explain a range of basic skills and techniques, from football to swimming, making a home gym to goldfish swings. This is a pretty interesting section of the site as it focuses on sports as well as working out, which many other fitness sites ignore. 

It’s disappointing, then, that the site has very few videos when it comes to demonstrating exercises and workouts. Rather, it has a series of images, with descriptions, to help you work out what you need to do. This is okay if you have the time to read over it in advance, but if you’re working out, then it’s much easier to copy someone on a video.

NetFit.co.uk also provides a useful equipment section which details what each machine is used for and contains a few links to sales sites. There are also videos of some of the machines in action, which is really useful if you’re hoping to purchase one for the home. 

The site offers no personal training, although there is some information on how to choose one. There are also no community features, which can be bad for staying motivated. We tend to prefer sites which have forums, groups and chat rooms so you can share your experiences with people going through the same regimes. This has been shown to help keep people motivated and working out. 

If you’re interested in reading about a wide variety of fitness issues there are a lot of e-books to download. Unfortunately most of these aren’t free and can only be sent to you after they have checked that your purchase has gone through, so you might not receive your book instantly.

Another area which disappointed us was the diet and nutritional information provided. The site has an ethos that diets don’t work, and is against the use of supplements, so if you’re looking for information about diets and supplements then you’ll have to look elsewhere. They do provide general articles on nutrition, but there’s a distinct lack of recipes or specific dieting information. 

Overall, NetFit is a pretty good resource for finding information about sports and fitness. However, it is lacking in some areas, and it’s not very clear what the real benefits of paying for membership are. Whilst its heart seems to be in the right place, it doesn’t quite offer the whole package you might hope for, especially because it seems to have missing areas of information and very little in the way of tracking tools.

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