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With a variety of free exercise videos, articles and fitness tools, Fitness.com has plenty to offer its members. It appears to have removed its paid options, instead focusing on providing an accessible fitness resource for all.

The site is a somewhat strange mixture of bland professionalism and quirky home video, making for a slightly disjointed experience. Still, it’s practical and you should be able to navigate your way around quite easily. Not all exercises are shown using video; some of them are uploaded as step by step images, but the descriptions should offer enough information to perform the exercises accurately.

As we mentioned, videos can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. You can perform a search to find exercises based on the body part you wish to train and the equipment you have. From there, you explore a long list of videos (many of which look like they’ve been uploaded by members since they’re in homes and offices) and choose the ones which suit you. You can then pick your favorite exercises and add them to a workout plan. 

Members can create several workout plans, which is a good idea as it means you can choose which one to run through depending on your mood. For example, you might create a “quick” plan for when you don’t have much time to spare, or an “intense” plan for a hard core workout session. It’s up to you!

The site also has a lot of useful articles to read, plus several forums. The forums have been split into four sections (bodybuilding, fitness, weight loss and sports) to help you speak about the things which are important to you. These are good to visit because they offer an area for members to support each other and share their information.

We really liked the fact that members can create their own exercises. You can then add keywords (such as a part of the body or piece of equipment) which means other users can find your exercises. These can then be inserted into a workout program, meaning that real people will be following your advice. 

The fitness shop isn’t too impressive. For a start, there aren’t a great deal of products available. We also think you might be able to find better value elsewhere. Our anti-virus software also warned us about accessing the shop, which was a bit unnerving. Still, at least they have a shop if you are keen to buy from them and support their work.

Previous incarnations of Fitness.com had a paid membership option which allowed you to customize your workouts and access videos. However, it seems like this has been abandoned (unless we simply couldn’t find it, but we took a very good look around so they must be well hidden if that’s the case). This isn’t to the site’s detriment though, as those features now appear to be provided for free! 

Despite some of the exercise videos seeming a bit amateur, we liked the fact that members can get involved with the creation and adaptation of exercises, rather than just having to follow what the professionals tell them all the time. There’s also a lot of decent information on Fitness which makes it worth visiting, even if you decide to use another website.

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