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Daily Burn Review

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Daily Burn offers a comprehensive and exciting roster of tools to help you towards gaining your ideal body. From fun apps to detailed tracking tools, it has a lot to help you in your bid to get fitter.

When you first load up, you’ll be faced with quite an unassuming front page. However, it won’t take long for you to realize that it hides myriad hidden treasures. From a great iPhone app, to interactive calendars which link up to your diet and exercise, Daily Burn does plenty to help you on your fitness journey.

First, we’d like to discuss some of the stand out features of this website. In particular, the phone apps are great. You can utilize a number of tracking features which help you to easily collate information about the food you’re eating and the exercises you’re doing. For example, you can scan bar codes on food you buy for lunch, or track how much weight you’ve lifted. This all then feeds back to your account and you have a really accurate record of what’s been done.

We were also really impressed by the monitoring tools on the main site. You can choose your favorite foods, receive recipe recommendations and even print off a shopping list for that week based on the meals you’d like to eat. This is a great time saver and helps to avoid any miscalculations. 

In addition, you can also keep a record of your favorite exercises. This will allow you to work on particular parts of your toning or fitness without having to perform exercises that you just don’t enjoy. All of this can be planned in advance using an integrated calendar, so you can keep track of your everyday life and make sure that you work in time to work out. 

As you will have gathered, tracking your progress and making plans for lifestyle changes is a big part of DailyBurn. However, there is also an important social element to the site which aims to keep you motivated. Whilst this isn’t quite as intrinsic as our number one review site, it’s still a welcomed addition. 

The site aims to motivate you by providing a caring community of like-minded people, all of whom are working to improve their fitness. You can access the forums to share your thoughts on a particular issue, pick up diet or exercise tips and more. Forums are divided into relevant areas and you can view the most popular posts at the time.

There are also regular motivational targets and challenges to take on. Training plans are customized to your specific needs and goals, and a lot of the advice is provided by experts. Everything combined, you’re in safe hands and should see some positive results.

A few additional (and quite unique) apps include push-up wars (where your ability to perform push ups helps you work your way through the online ranks), Meal Snap (take a photo of your meal and the app tracks the calories) and an app which allows you to challenge other members to fitness contests. This is all optional, of course, and adds a fun element to exercise.

Daily Burn impressed us with its range of useful progress and tracking tools, and its focus on technological innovation, making fitness fun. Prices are also very competitive, and offer excellent value for money.

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