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Traineo Review

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Traineo offers its members free fitness and nutritional advice. It has an active membership of more than 200,000 strong, which makes it a useful space for sharing ideas and tips. However, it lacks a catalog of specific exercises and workout schedules, making it less practical if you want to work out.

The site focuses a lot of motivating its members. You can sign up to receive weekly emails with motivational advice from professional trainers and athletes, or check on the forums to find other members. There’s a social element at work here which we like, but at the same time the site feels more like a space for discussing exercise rather than providing real exercises to help you lose weight or tone up.

You can start off by setting your own goals. This is something many members do, and you can explore the before and after photos to see how they’re progressing. This is very motivational as it shows that with some determination anyone can improve their fitness. Afterwards, you can explore a range of insightful articles on weight loss, improving fitness, building strength and more.

The dietary section of the site is concerned with helping you to eat properly whilst on an exercise regime. You can find healthy recipes, plus a few healthy treats if you’re missing certain foods. This is good to see, although we would like additional features such as shopping lists and calorie counters to be included.

Traineo.com’s slogan is “see lives change” and that does seem to be the main drive of the site. In some ways this feels like a health chat club, where people come to meet and chat rather than to find new exercises, buy equipment and so on. There’s nothing wrong with that, and this could provide a useful resource to keep you going through the hard times.

However, as it’s not going to be much use if you use it exclusively, we’d only recommend Traineo if you’re already trying to get fit using another website for sourcing exercises and workout plans, but you want to talk with other people who are going through similar things to you. In short: traineo is useful as a support group, but not all that useful as a training website.

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