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Beachbody Review

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Beachbody focuses on helping its visitors to find a fitness plan to obtain their ideal body. Whether it’s improving muscle tone, losing a few pounds or getting healthier, there’s a plan for everyone. The majority of its services are provided on DVD and come with additional information and products, including equipment and supplements.

Although the DVDs, etc. are shipped worldwide, it’s worth noting that the supplements and dumb bells are only shipped to addresses in the US or Canada. If you live elsewhere, you can sign up to receive a notification when the services become available in your area.

We felt that this site was probably best suited to people who are looking to change their body relatively quickly. Many of the workout programs are focused on intensity rather than subtle lifestyle changes. As such it seems more interested in exercise regimes rather than dietary or psychological changes to help you achieve the body you’re looking for.

This is all in keeping with the tone of the site: beach body. Of course, many of us want to look good on the beach, and summer is always just around the corner. There are dozens of workout programs to choose from, each helping you to stay motivated in your pursuit.

This isn’t a particularly cheap option when compared with others on the market. Workout programs are often sent through the post, often with additional supplements or equipment, which can add a significant chunk to the overall price.

Although you can choose which workout would best apply to you, comparing each one and then making an informed decision, there aren’t a great deal of opportunities to customize the workouts. There are also fewer tools such as diet calendars or shopping lists, and the site seems more directed towards body image than health.

The range of gear, supplements and exercise programs is pretty impressive. Working your way around is relatively simple, although the site can be a little text heavy at times. Still, there are a few videos which explain the differences between various systems, which is very helpful if you’re not sure which one is best for you. You can also get some decent discounts on products through the website.

Personal support may feel lacking for some. The site essentially provides a space for a range of services and products to be explored, but doesn’t build on community elements for everyday folk as much as we’d like. There are team Beachbody clubs, newsletters, chat rooms and message boards, which is great, but we do think that non-fitness-fanatics might feel a little out of their depth at times.

If you’re looking to improve your general health and fitness by making smaller lifestyle changes, this probably isn’t the website for you. However, if you’re hoping to redesign yourself, either by bulking up or shrinking down, and you don’t mind a bit of intensive hard work, BeachBody is probably worth a visit. It’s not the cheapest option around but they have plenty to offer anyone who’d like to visit the beach and feel confident in their own skin.

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