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Peer Trainer Review

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PeerTrainer.com is a fitness website with plenty of community support. You can access calorie counters and diet tips, exercises and articles on health, and there is a great range of community groups to join. These groups are the stand out feature of the site, providing a supporting team of like-minded people with similar fitness goals. With this increased level of support, your chances of achieving your aims are much better than trying to do it all on your own.

The website takes a little getting used to. For a start, most of the exercise videos and explanations seem to only be available once you’ve joined a group. These groups are focused on particular factions, such as Weight Loss or Bulking Up, Improving Your Diet or Gluten Free. You’ll find a massive range here and joining several groups is part of the fun of the site.

There are also teams to join, which help to motivate each other through fun competitions. In addition, you can sign up for the daily newsletter. This newsletter arrives in your inbox, stocked full of diet and exercise advice, plus motivational videos and answers to general questions. You can even submit your own question and hope for a reply. 

Overall, then, there’s a lot of support on PEERTrainer, and we’re sure most people will feel more motivated to work out and eat healthily within PeerTraining’s community. 

All of this is available for free, which is great. However there is a 12 week program which comes with coaching and a few tools to help you out. This costs around $70 (including a $20 discount). You can also just try the first month of the program for $1, which is great value.

From there you can decide to drop out and resume with the free features, or continue. The fact that the program has an 80% continuation rate shows that it has plenty to offer and really motivates you to continue.

If you’d like to improve your diet, then you can check out the site’s diet section. This has plenty of information in the form of tips, diet descriptions, articles on how to lose weight, sections on calorie counting and more. These are very useful to read around and help explain the emotional, as well as physical, imperatives of a healthy diet.

There weren’t many easily accessible recipes, which was disappointing, but you can find these dotted around, or look elsewhere. After all, there’s no shortage of healthy recipe websites. Still, it would have been nice to get everything in one place.

Overall, we had slightly mixed feelings about PeerTrainer.com. There was plenty of good information around the site, and we really like the community features. However, it’s not always easy to locate exercises, recipes, exercise programs and so on.

You really need to get involved in the groups and take some time exploring the site to find what you need. Still, it’s all provided for free, so that’s no bad thing!

The paid services offer coaching, although it’s perhaps not as 1 on 1 as some people may like. If you’re interested in the paid membership program, we’d recommend trying the first month for $1 and seeing how effective it is for you.

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