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Workout Box Review

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WorkoutBox.com helps you to lose weight or gain muscle with fitness plans which are focused on your needs, aspirations and lifestyle. Its exercise difficulties are incremental, meaning that you will continue to improve at a steady rate to achieve the body you’re hoping for.

We were impressed by the range of fitness programs available here. Whether you’re looking to burn fat, bulk up, get a little healthier or just tone particular areas of your body, it’s all possible. In particular, we were pleased to see that the site asks you a few questions about what you’re looking for, then helps you to choose a program which suits you. However, we do feel that more customer-tailoring options could come in handy, to help you really nail down what you need from an exercise.

Exercises are separated into home workouts or gym sessions, which is great because it takes into account the sorts of equipment available in each location. You can also choose the intensity of your workout, meaning your sessions can fit around your changing schedules.

Each exercise is designed by professionals and you can view samples before beginning. You can quickly view the level, length and number of routines, as well as the potential benefits to your body. The site could benefit from additional search options, though, allowing you to find exercises based on the time you have available. That said, it’s easy enough to locate exercises based on your requirements without having to browse for long.

Prices are fair, but could add up if you decide to switch between programs. If, for example, you wish to begin with burning fat but then decide to build muscle, you’ll need to pay an additional fee. At least the fees are monthly, though, so you won’t lose out for long.

Workouts include video introductions, highlighting the basic principles and benefits. Videos also demonstrate how to perform each exercise safely, and help to encourage you to continue. You can also print workout schedules and descriptions so you can take them out with you (since watching a video in public would be a bit weird!) Training schedules are designed so you don’t require specialist equipment. 

Trainers are available 24 hours a day and you can check a detailed FAQ for answers to common questions. You can also retain and check your previous requests, which is a nice additional feature because it means you can keep a track on the advice you’ve received. 

We’d like to see more nutritional information provided by Workout Box. Although you can find it sometimes, this isn’t quite as intrinsic as we’ve seen elsewhere, and often fitness can go hand in hand with diet. Still, there is some dietary information so it’s not completely forgotten. 

Forums are available to chat with other users and request information. These are also frequented by trainers, so they’re a good place to ask specific exercise and diet questions. 

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by WorkoutBox. Navigation is easy once you’ve browsed the site for a while, and we liked the amount of online contact you could get with trainers (although it’s not a unique program designed specifically for you with constant 1 on 1 attention).

The range of programs should be sufficient for most at-home toning, weight loss and muscle building, but if you want something a bit more specialized, then you may need to look elsewhere. Programs aren’t the cheapest but we still feel that this site offers good value for money. WorkoutBox is one to watch!

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