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Gym Pact Review

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Money can be a great incentive to work hard, and Gym-Pact takes advantage of that. This service utilizes a mobile app which monitors your movement and activities. Set your healthy goal and if you continue to achieve it you’ll make money. Where does the money come from? Those members who made the pact but failed to keep up their end of the bargain.

It sounds a little suspect, but the risk of losing or making money can be a huge motivator. Don’t fancy running today? Well that’s going to cost you $10! Suddenly you find yourself jogging down the street in a bid to earn some extra cash.

The system claims to monitor your progress accurately. This seems easy enough with exercise in the streets, where your movement and speed could be traced, but we’re less convinced when it comes to controlling your diet. What’s to stop you from munching on cheeseburgers but logging that you’ve actually had a salad (minus the dressing?) Well, their idea is that you upload pictures of what you’re about to eat and earn credits for doing so. There are ways to cheat this, obviously, but at least they make it a little harder to do so. 

The app is most widely used for logging workouts. This works in gyms too as the system uses your phone’s accelerometer to see if you’re moving at a quick pace. The app then ‘dings’ when you’ve completed a full minute of a workout, and these add up to produce your final tally.

In terms of offering workout plans or dietary plans, this system isn’t useful. However, you can set goals such as “Get fit”, and the app outlines the sorts of activities you need to perform to complete this goal, such as 30 minutes’ running or 10,000 steps a day. You are also limited to how many workouts you can perform per day, so super fit people who train all the time won’t be able to simply steal from the pot every day, leaving the less fit members behind and penniless. 

In theory, if you work out and eat healthily, making sure to use the app as you do so, you could find your account filling up with earned money. Staying fit and earning money seems like a very fine thing indeed, and many users have reported a great sense of motivation as well as a healthier life. Of course, the down side is risky if you get lazy, so be cautious and remember to put the app on hold if you need a break!

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