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Fitness Blender Review

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Fitness Blender offers a great range of free fitness videos and information. Whilst some of its programs cost money, they’re not expensive or compulsory. Members have a lot of useful information to explore, and some really handy calendar tools to utilize. 

Signing up is simple and you can even do it through your Facebook account. Once you’ve become a free member, you can begin working on your calendar. This is the heart of your FitnessBlender account as it allows you to schedule and organize your workouts. However, it’s not simply a case of writing “workout 1 hour” on a particular day, you can actually choose which exercises to include, and the site will allow you to easily find the appropriate videos. 

So, imagine you’re looking to lose a bit of weight around your arms and stomach. How can the site help you to do this? Firstly, you can search for workouts which focus on these key areas. The search function is well designed, allowing you to find key words, the length of a workout, its difficulty and more. You are then shown all the videos which suit your criteria.

You can see a variety of potential exercises at once. Hovering over one of them will show you how long they take, how many calories you’ll burn and what equipment you’ll need. This makes it very easy to identify an exercise video which is suitable for you. 

Videos are clear and informative, and you can easily add them to a list of your favorites. This list is then easily accessed from the dashboard. Alternatively, you could add a workout to your calendar simply by clicking the “add to calendar” tab. You then choose when you’d like to perform the workout, and it’s all recorded. This works really well and we encountered no problems when arranging our workout calendars.

Users can give feedback on each video, so you can find out what other people thought of an exercise. The same can be done across the site, so you can get a good idea of whether a diet plan will suit you.

Some of the information on the site is not free. Primarily, these tend to be specialized workout regimes for fat loss, or diet plans. Whilst these aren’t too expensive, they often come in parts which could soon add up. Even if you buy a whole series, though, they’re not hugely pricey and – if the reviews are anything to go by – the information provided has brought about success for many users.

FitnessBlender.com is perhaps a little lacking when it comes to free diet information, as this seems to cost money. However, there’s so much on here for free that it’ll make a really practical resource for a wide range of people. It helps you to organize your workouts effectively, providing enough variety to keep you interested. 

The main area where the site falls down is in customer support. This isn’t necessarily surprising given that the majority of its services are provided for free, but if they included a forum then at least users could discuss problems with one another. Still, there is a blog and the videos themselves are very good. You can also share your workouts on Facebook, Twitter and more, so you could find other members who do the same.

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