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Gain Fitness operates a two tier system for getting fit. It offers an opportunity to hire a real-life trainer who will work with you online and meet with you in person at least once a month. The second option comes as a variety of apps which make exercising fun. Whilst these two elements combine to give a fun and effective experience, they aren’t available to everyone, and the site also lacks several other key features.

Let’s go through GainFtiness’ two main services in a little more detail. You can hire a trainer from $109 per month, which is relatively cheap for a trainer who meets you in person, although meeting up once a month might not be sufficient for some people. That said, you still get unlimited contact with them online, and they work closely with you to help develop your fitness.

The trainers will create a dietary plan and workout schedule to fit your goals, monitoring your progress and making adjustments to your regimes as you need them. You can check out who is on the team and decide which trainer might be best for you. However, there are a couple of limitations here, so it’s not suitable for everyone. Firstly, you would need to live in one of the four locations currently running trainer programs. These are: Denver, New York, Salt Lake City and San Francisco. If you live outside of those areas, you’d need to travel in to meet your trainer.

The second barrier to the trainer option is the price. Whilst it’s not necessarily as expensive as joining a gym and having a personal trainer, it’s still quite pricey. Given that you only see them, potentially, once a month, this doesn’t seem great value for money.

So, most people will probably be interested in the apps that are available, and we’re pleased to say that these are considerably more accessible. There are a lot to choose from, including: Gain Self, Yoga, Basketball, Yoga, Boxing, Pilates, Road Warrior and more. These seem like a lot of fun and you can choose them based on your interests. What’s more, they’re free from the iPhones Apps store. 

In short: we were unconvinced that the trainer programs offered good value for money, even if the system works. The apps available for free, however, seem much more popular. Whilst these won’t do everything (they don’t offer a lot of recipes, diet information or workout planning, for example) they are nice additions to work alongside another fitness program.  

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