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Nerd Fitness Review

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With an effective diet and fitness plan which fits into your lifestyle, plus some innovative gaming innovations, Nerd Fitness has a lot to offer you if you’re struggling to lose weight. 

The site was designed by Steve Kamb, who (in his own words) “got sick of all the sleazy fitness scams” and decided to start his own site to bring people together. Steve outlines that his system isn’t really a system for losing weight or bulking up incredibly quickly, rather it’s about changing how you think and how you live so that you can be healthier and happier.

NerdFitness.com offers lots of examples of members who have managed to turn their lives and bodies around. It’s quite impressive just how much some people have changed! It works by asking you to sign up to its Fitness Academy as a life-long member. This has more than five thousand students, which is a testament to how well it's doing.

The academy works in three stages. First, it tells you how to break your old unhealthy habits and replace them with more positive ones. Then, it helps you to eat healthily, offering recipes and guides on how to prepare food. Finally, it focuses on your training, in the home or gym, to improve your fitness.

There’s a fun feel to the site as Steve really is a nerd, so he makes quite a few references to science fiction and comic books. It doesn’t matter if these fly over your head, but it’s nice to be in on the jokes. You can also check out the forums to talk with other members, making sure you aren’t simply left out to dry. If you feel you need support, it’s there for you.

The nerds within us were particularly impressed by the site’s role play game features. Essentially you become your own hero, choosing your gender, class, skills and so on. Then, as you work out, you track your progress. This causes your ‘character’ to level up, so you can spend experience points on unlocking new exercises and goals. Okay, it’s just a gimmick, but we could see ourselves getting really addicted to working out just to see our character progress and become more powerful. The neat thing here is, as your character improves, you literally get fitter and stronger!

The site offers e-books to help guide you through your new fitness regimes, plus more than 120 high definition videos which provide visual instructions for performing each exercise. If you need more information, the site’s team (Steve and Staci) have regular live Q&A sessions, where you can ask your questions and they’ll do their best to provide answers. 

There are healthy meal options and recipes to check out, although this section isn’t quite as extensive as we’ve seen elsewhere. Similarly, the number of exercises and plans is a little limited in comparison to some other fitness sites. This seems a by-product of the site’s size. It’s still relatively small and their staff numbers are not as substantial as you can find on some websites, so there’s a bit less choice. This might not be a big problem, though, as you should be able to find exercises for most needs, and some are specialized for helping to train a particular body part. 

We thought that Nerd Fitness was a little lacking in some areas, but it was a fun site which should help people who have struggled to lose weight in the past. For a little over $100, you get lifetime membership which, if you use it, is a great deal.

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